Meaningful October 20th Party for girls and women of the LEVEL UP company

In the air of the country welcomes The Vietnam Women’s Day 20 – 10, the boys and men in the Level Up company have prepared a meaningful special gift for girls and women.

In the success of Level Up, it is impossible to lack the enormous dedication of the girls, and this “solid-backed” collective is increasingly asserting their role in the strong development of the Level Up. Besides “Good at business work, good at housework” is a wife, a mother, a great colleague, the Level Up girls are the “Idol” of the boys in the company.  

Therefore, on the occasion of 20/10, thank you for the adorable colleagues, the boys in the Level Up company have invested in a lot of effort, gray matter to create these surprises and special gifts, meaningful for the girls.  

Since the 19th day, the plan has been operated sneakily. Designing, printing, preparing flowers, preparing presents… they just wait until the all the girls go back home to set up the plan. After a hard day’s work, the boys are still wrapping, blowing balloons, hanging banners, all just to bring a best 20/10 day for the girls with surprising and happiness.

Early morning October 20th when the girls come to work, they was all surprised by the preparation
here are many balloons, present and flowers to be decorated at Level Up company
These little flowers with surprising adorable presents from the boys of Level Up company for the girl colleagues.
The Level Up company has organized a cultural exchange, games, giving gifts to the girls.
The beautiful flowers of Level Up
The boys of Level Up company

The officers and employees of the company are mostly young, create a dynamic working environment, youthful air working comfortably and achieve high efficiency in work. So the problem of play also carries the youthful atmosphere, fun to engage people.

Meaningful gifts from the boys for the girls in Level Up company.

Besides developing and helping employees to work effectively, the company is constantly interested in the life and spirit of staff in the company. Organize activities, have fun for people, trips to help people more comfortable and excited at work. With the relentless efforts of the Board of Directors and staff of the company, Level Up is gradually becoming one of the largest international e-commerce business companies.

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