Level Up Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company

LevelUp Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company was established in 2019, according to the Certificate of Business registration by the Department of Planning and Investment in Ha Noi city, the company specializes in distributing domestic and foreign household appliances.

As a young company but gathered a lot of members with high level of expertise in the field of digital marketing, Level Up wil confidencely bring the best experiences for domestic and foreign customers.

The mission is bringing up new brands out of the world quickly and efficiently.

Bringing digital marketing in combination with traditional marketing to reach further in the field of Vietnam marketing and the world’s.

With the mission of helping small and medium brands reach the world through modern digital marketing,LevelUp will never stop learning and make more progress on the way to conquer the peak of the retail market in the country.

Each member entering Level Up likes one piece of the puzzle key in the overall picture helps the boat of Level Up reaching further and more success.

The main orientation of the Level Up: Retail development in Vietnam and the world market, make it bigger and stronger.

The available products and solutions of the Level Up Trading and investment Joint Stock Company include :

– Digital marketing

– Online retail distribution

– Build new branding.

Level Up constantly strives to develop and perfect its products and services to meet the increasing expectations of customers!

Head Office: 2nd Floor, 6 Le van Thiem, Thanh Xuan Complex, Thanh Xuan Trung, Ha Noi

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