Cultural development is synonymous with business development

Culture is an important and indispensable tool in executive management…

Culture is an important and indispensable tool in executive management, regardless of whether it is managing a country’s executive, a society, a business or an agency… It is impossible to manage good operating without the use of cultural tools. In terms of management science, administering a business or administering a country has similarities.

Understanding this, the directors of the Level Up company always focuses on the development of corporate culture. From organizing teambuilding activities, travel, resort or birthday party months to employees, meaningful activities for the big holidays such as International Women’s Day, Mid-Autumn, Christmas…

The following are some meaningful images of the above activities:

20th November Party for girls & women
Teambuilding and vacation rentals in ASEAN RESORT
Christmas decoration for Level Up company
Party Mid-Autumn 2019
Year-End Party 2018

There are so so many pictures of Level Up company aren’t they!???????? ….

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